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I am a freelance, licensed Hair Stylist and Cosmetology Salon Owner and Manager based out of Madison, Wisconsin.  I have worked in the high end salon, spa, wedding, editorial, and fashion session photography industry since 2003.  

I decided to follow my dreams and train to become a hair designer after I managed in the wedding industry for 5 years.  I realized that the business of designing hair is an important part of the wedding and fashion industry; as well as representing a political or business image, and every day first impressions.  

I am extremely thankful that I was able to receive the best training and education from some of the most talented and motivating Designers in our industry, and I am always excited to find new opportunities to continue learning!    

I love listening to you and your dreams; or coming up with my own design, if that is what you wish for.  I enjoy the art, perfection, and imperfection of hair; and how great it makes us feel when we see our transformations, showing our true inner beauty on the outside.  

I cannot wait to hear your stories! 



Owner  Manager  Hair Stylist  Session Stylist  Certified Organic Colorist  Brow Design  Waxing 

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